Dr. Ofosu is an experienced public speaker and trainer. Although she started out as a university lecturer and developer of (corporate) training materials, she’s comfortable as a panelist, podcast guest, trainer, or keynote speaker.

Here’s a sample of some of the topics she’s spoken about and the training that she’s developed:

  • Becoming a More Inclusive Leader, Mentor, Corporate Sponsor, and Ally (various sessions delivered to Directors General and Assistant Deputy Ministers within the Canadian federal government)
  • She created and delivered an 8-part professional development training series for two cohorts of participants in the Get Into IT Program offered by Digital Nova Scotia
  • She designed and delivered a 3-part professional development series for two cohorts of participants in Nature Canada’s Work to Grow program which connects underrepresented youth to jobs that promote and protect nature
  • Workplace Scapegoats and the Glass Cliff workshop presented to a group of executives and other leaders (webinar, Oct. 24, 2020)
  • Reflections on Networking and Black Excellence (talk delivered to a group of Black Physicians and Dentists)
  • Career Management Essentials for Professionals and Aspiring Professionals
  • Networking Skills for Finding Hidden Employment Opportunities
  • Navigating Race in Predominantly White Organizations
  • Digging Deeper on Systemic Racism and Discrimination
  • Systemic Discrimination & Barriers to Inclusion
Dr. Helen Ofosu, Public Speaker
  • Returning to Work Post-COVID-19 (webinar, May 5, 2020)
  • How to Work From Home Effectively and How COVID-19 Has Impacted Business (webinar, April 29, 2020)
  • The History of Racism in Canada, it’s Not Just an American Problem
  • We’ve Heard a lot About Systemic Racism, But What Does it Really Mean? (townhall presentation for SHOEBOX Ltd, September 2020).
  • Using Psychology and HR to Prevent Cyber Crimes and Insider Threats (also discussed on a Podcast)
  • Effective Professional and Workplace Boundaries
  • Networking and Gender
  • Using I/O Psychology for Better Hiring (also discussed in this blog article)
  • A series of eight professional development workshops for participants in the Get into IT Program offered by Digital Nova Scotia
  • Reverse Engineering: Getting to Your Target Job from Where You are Now
  • What’s Best for Me? Employment or Entrepreneurship?
  • Making the Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur
  • A 3-part series of professional development workshops delivered to two cohorts of participants working for Nature Canada
  • Career Support for People Facing Personal Challenges that Affect the Workplace
  • Encore Entrepreneurship / Second Careers
  • Other topics related to Careers and HR Matters

If you’re interested in online, small-group coaching and training, please check out these group coaching options. Custom-designed sessions are also possible.

Please call 613-424-8689 or send a message to discuss engaging Dr. Helen Ofosu as a public speaker or trainer.