Mind Full, The Canadian Psychological Association: This is a special conversation timed to coincide with the launch of my first book, “How to be Resilient in Your Career: Facing Up to Barriers at Work,” published by Routledge on February 23, 2023. I spoke with host Eric Bollman about a range of work-related themes and challenges.

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Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino: A conversation with radio host and podcaster Joe Dimino, the voice behind the Kansas City based shows “Neon Jazz” and “Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino, where I shared unfiltered reflections on my earlier years and the mentorship that I have received, and common workplace challenges addressed in my book.
The Dr. Vibe Show: Black Canada Talking™ is a live online event that provides Black Canadians with the opportunity to share their opinions on stories that are of importance to them. On the January 29, 2023, episode hosted by Dr. Vibe, Registered Psychotherapist Kafui Sawyer and I spoke about Workplace Challenges & Black Mental Health.
Against the Tides of Racism: This podcast, hosted by Dr. Gina Ko, Ph.D., a Psychologist based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada aims to generate awareness, foster community, and create transformation by coming together to lean into the inspiring work of anti-racism. She features guests from all walks of life who have endured, spoken up, and taken action against the tides of racism.

Persistence U with Lizbeth: This podcast by Lizbeth Meredith is for survivors and strivers. In this episode, we talked about my journey as an “accidental psychologist” and how I help leaders and aspiring leaders reach their potential (through coaching) and help organizations improve inclusion and belonging for everyone connected to their organization (through training and consulting).Listen Now

Unwiring Minds One at a Time: This podcast provides the help you didn’t know you needed, hosted by Raquel Paz Bergia. In this episode, we talk about the value of preparation for interviews, mindset and other strategies for becoming successful at work. Listen Now

How to be Resilient in Your Career on “In Town and Out with Giacomo Panico” on CBC Radio (March 18, 2023)Listen Now