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Dr. Helen Ofosu
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How to be Resilient in Your Career

Facing Up to Barriers at Work

Bestseller How to be Resilient in Your Career: Facing Up to Barriers at Work by Dr. Helen Ofosu was published by Routledge on February 23, 2023. Routledge is the same company that published giants in Psychology, Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud (… not to mention Albert Einstein).

How to be Resilient in Your Career: Facing Up to Barriers at Work is a must-read guidebook for modern professionals. Written by award-winning I/O Psychologist and career advisor Dr. Helen Ofosu who shares vital career advice to help readers navigate common “internally disruptive” career experiences such as harassment, imposter syndrome, bullying, being part of an underrepresented group, toxic workplaces, discrimination, and more. Dr. Ofosu draws on twenty years of helping employers recruit high-performing professionals and coaching subject matter experts and leaders through difficult career choices to unpack these layered and complicated issues in an easy-to-follow way.

Message from the Author

In this book, I put together what I’ve learned about several common career-related setbacks that often derail high-performing professionals. I explain each one and offer lessons that I’ve learned that help readers bounce back and move forward in their careers.

– Dr Helen Ofosu