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Reclaiming Your Psychological Safety

What is "Trauma-Informed," and Why Should it Matter to Me as a Working Professional? Thankfully, among mental health professionals, the concept of being trauma-informed is gaining traction.

How To Take Off In Your Career Despite Resistance

I've been on countless flights over the years, but somehow, I'd never really thought about the fact that planes take off facing into the wind. The fact that planes take off against the wind is an appropriate and valuable metaphor for many life events.

Covering At Work – The Ongoing Reality Of Being Ourselves At Work

To call these complicated times feels like a massive understatement. We’re deep into a global pandemic that forced an instant organizational change onto millions of employees and employers. Racial justice issues and workplace inclusion remain high priorities for the employees most impacted by these issues and their allies.

Avoiding A Toxic Workplace – Five Warning Signs During Interviews

A toxic workplace takes a toll on mental health, and the consequences are real. How can you avoid unwittingly accepting a job that undermines your health – and, ultimately, your career? The clues may be in the hiring process, and here are some red flags that could tip you off and help you avoid a serious mistake.

How To Be Resilient In Your Career And Face Up To Barriers At Work ‒ Interview With Dr. Helen Ofosu

Dr. Helen Ofosu is an Organizational Psychologist, Executive and Career Coach, and HR Consultant. She is soon to be a published author when her book launches. How to Be Resilient in Your Career: Facing Up to Barriers at Work will be released by Routledge on February 23, 2023.

Career Psychology – Five Ways It Can Work Quickly For You

As a Work and Business Psychologist (officially known as an Industrial and Organizational Psychologist), two of the questions I get most are:
“But you’re a psychologist, doesn’t that mean you need to see clients for a long time in order to see success? And doesn’t that mean that you’re expensive?”

Cultural Tax – A Downside Of Diversity Efforts

The tax is only paid by Black, Indigenous and other people of color. In certain circles, it’s understood that there’s an emotional tax on underrepresented people. This “tax” is the “combination of feeling different from peers… because of gender, race and ethnicity; being on guard for experiences of bias, and the associated effects on health, well-being, and the ability to thrive.”

Embracing Self-Awareness To Become Better Leaders

Far too many leaders make the mistake of underestimating the importance of self-awareness – if they consider it at all. In the dynamic landscape of modern leadership, self-awareness is a cornerstone skill that makes exceptional leaders stand out.

Expanding The Definition Of Executive Presence

Every now and then, we encounter people and viewpoints who attempt to squeeze executive presence into a narrow box. That perspective doesn't sit right. Whenever I hear this viewpoint, there's an unwritten message implying that "true executives" must adhere to a certain predefined mold – a mold that often fails to embrace diverse forms of effective and accomplished leadership.

Crucible Leadership – A Pathway To Resilience And Impact

As demands on modern leaders continue to evolve, more and more is expected of workplace leadership. New paradigms are emerging that challenge traditional notions of what it means to lead effectively. One such concept is the notion of "Crucible Leadership." In my opinion, this has been an under-appreciated and overlooked construct.

Hiring For Leadership Roles – Don't Confuse Performance With Potential

In organizational psychology, one of the core beliefs is that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. Applying this thinking, if we want a better future within our workplaces, we’ll need different and more effective styles of leadership.

Courageous Leadership – How Being An Outlier Is Your Edge

One of my current preoccupations is the concept of courageous leadership. I have noticed that sometimes, people in leadership positions have opportunities to have an impact, but they are reluctant to follow through on big or bold ideas or plans. On many levels, this risk-averse or even borderline cowardly style of leadership doesn’t make any sense to me when the leader is intelligent, experienced, has a good track record, and has terrific interpersonal skills.

Author Interview Featuring Dr. Helen Ofosu, author of How To Be Resilient In Your Career

In good times and bad, resilience is one of the major keys to success – including career success. Dr. Helen Ofosu believes this applies to employees and entrepreneurs, individual contributors, subject matter experts, leaders, and executives. That’s why her approach to career and executive coaching is to help people get ahead in a way that insulates them from future setbacks – or recover if things have gone sideways.

A Bookish Chat with 'How To Be Resilient In Your Career' Dr. Helen Ofosu | Author Interview

Today we welcome Dr. Helen Ofosu to The Writer's Life e-Magazine! Helen is the author of the new business and careers book, How To Be Resilient in Your Career: Facing Up To Barries at Work. This interview is part of her Blog Tour by Pump Up Your Book. Enjoy!

Listening to on Audible: How to Be Resilient in Your Career by Dr. Helen Ofosu

Today we welcome Dr. Helen Ofosu to The Writer's Life e-Magazine! Helen is the author of the new business and careers book, How To Be Resilient in Your Career: Facing Up To Barries at Work. This interview is part of her Blog Tour by Pump Up Your Book. Enjoy!